• Nguyen Thi Hoa

    Nguyen Thi Hoa

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    I joined Cybozu Vietnam in mid 2006. When working for my previous company, I was one of the members in the group hired by Cybozu Group to develop Cybozu products. Hence, I considered working for Cybozu is my "destiny" in this world and I'm always proud that I could be one of the very first members of Cybozu Vietnam.

    At Cybozu, I like the close relationship among all employees most. We can share work and life experiences as well as learn from each other more effectively. We support each other not only within the same team but also cross teams (developers team, quality assurance team and product management team) during difficult time as well as help each other improve and achieve the set goals. I also like our company's products because they help us work, communicate and share the information to other colleagues faster, more easily and more effectively.

    Cybozu have brought me not only a good career opportunity but also many good colleagues and many new things to make me grow day by day.

  • Huynh Cam Nhung

    Huynh Cam Nhung

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    I joined Cybozu Vietnam family in July 2012 as a QA Engineer. I decided to move to Cybozu because I was attracted to its professional and active environment. Cybozu is a cozy place where I can find great people to work with and a comfortable environment to work in.

    In my opinion, our company's products are so friendly, easy to use and effective for teamwork because we are using them on a daily basis not only for Vietnam team but also with Japan team. At Cybozu, I have a chance to improve my testing skills which I learnt at school. I can also contribute my knowledge and my ability to the success of the company. Working at Cybozu brings me not only professional knowledge but also teaches me the Japanese working style which can make the work flow easier and more effective such as Horenso method.

  • Le Nguyen Hanh Nhi

    Le Nguyen Hanh Nhi

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    I joined Cybozu Vietnam in 2009. I chose to work for Cybozu because I liked to work in a Japanese company. At the time I applied for Cybozu VN, it had just opened its branch in Ho Chi Minh city for four months, I thought that joining this company would be a good chance for me to learn new things and I would have many challenges to undertake because Cybozu always pursues new technologies such as developing applications for smartphones, Cloud computing.

    Cybozu products are Web-based groupware which will help the companies organize and work more efficiently and productively. Maybe this kind of product is not quite popular yet in Vietnam but I think groupware is very efficient for companies, especially big companies.

    What I like most at Cybozu are the friendly people because we are always willing to support each others. At Cybozu, I can improve my Japanese ability, work with Japanese colleagues, learn a lot about Japanese working style and study new knowledge and new technologies through assigned tasks.

  • Nguyen Xuan Huy

    Nguyen Xuan Huy


    I joined Cybozu Vietnam family in 2006, where I believed that I could learn about collaborative software development and Web-based development techniques.

    Working with my colleagues is the thing I like most at Cybozu because they're so friendly and always willing to help each other when I have any trouble. Working here, we are provided with a satisfactory working environment that includes a very good PC, software and other necessary equipment. Besides developing products using HTML5, PHP, MySql, SharePoint, etc., we also have the "Research & Development" (R&D) activities that can bring us opportunities to learn new technologies and experiment new features which could be applied to our products. At Cybozu VN, we not only work together in office but also have interesting extracurricular activites such as hosting parties, picnics, company trips. No matter what we do, we are always a family.

  • Nguyen Phan Anh

    Nguyen Phan Anh


    I have been a part of Cybozu Vietnam since mid 2012 right after graduating from University. I joined Cybozu because I wanted to work in a world-class IT company that has dynamic global environment and comfortable modern workplace. What I like most at Cybozu is the working attitude of Cybozu-ers. People here never stop trying, always willingly share the work and support each other.

    Cybozu brings me a chance to work in a global environment where I can have hands-on experience on the latest technologies such as Cloud Computing and other large-scale software solutions for a large number of users.

  • Nguyen Phan Anh

    Nguyen Anh Tuyen


    I joined Cybozu Vietnam in January 2009.
    I had been long looking for a place where I can learn groupware and web applications developing skills. I also want to study Japanese so I also looked for a workplace using Japanese. And Cybozu Vietnam is that place.

    Working conditions, friendly colleagues and exciting activities are the things I like most at Cybozu. My work can be more effective and favorable while working in a comfortable environment like here.

    In my opinion, Cybozu's products are great solutions for teamwork. Currently, we also provide the products on Cloud where the information can be accessed, shared and managed more easily and effectively than before.

    I feel my work so meaningful because I can contribute in developing products which are used by many enterprises to make their work more effective. Furthermore, Cybozu also brings me lots of professional experiences, helpful skills and supports me in developing my Japanese skill.

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