CYBOZU Vietnam

Software Develope
(Java, JavaScript, NodeJS)

Job description

This position focuses on web application and web cloud services software development, including design and implementation of scalable web server and services side components.


– Flexibility in using any of these programming languages: Java, JS/HTML/CSS, Golang, Python, NodeJS, PHP, C/C++…
– Master of using HTML/CSS/Javascript and familiar framework such as bootstrap, Jquery
– Knowledge about and understanding of operating principles of HTTP, cookie, session & cache
– Knowledge about OOP
– Knowledge about API: SOAP API, REST API- Familiarity with Linux or Windows development environment
– Ability to read and write specification in English- Age: under 27

Preferred qualifications

– Strong experience in building scalable web applications or cloud services
– Proficiency in any of real time user experience, media streaming, touch user experience, off-line browsing, the latest web rendering (HTML5) programming skill
– Other major worldwide cloud services programming experience
– Not only software designing, but also system and infrastructure architectural designing capability
– Fluency in listening and speaking English
– Experience in UI/UX design

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